What is freedom? This question keeps haunting me always, actually I would tell we don’t enjoy the fullest freedom. This line just tells the truth of our lives “Man can do what he wants, but not want what he wants“. We have the power to achieve what we want, but we don’t dare to do it. Not convinced ? You may have great interest to go on a trekking today, suddenly you feel this urge to do, you know this will be the best thing to do today, your place is gifted with a good trekking spot, you have all the access to get to that place, well connected with train or bus,  now do you have this FREEDOM to go to that place today ? Now you see those obstacles coming in your way, No money to buy tickets or You don’t get your leave granted at your workplace or what should you tell to your family – any reason for this trekking ? Fine you have all the access now, got money, got leave and got your family convinced, now still there are so many obstacles coming on your way, though you belong to this mother earth you don’t have the freedom to move to any place you like, still confined to the book called as passport and visa.You need to tell to every damn guy coming on your way why are you going to this mountain, is this called freedom ?

You just feel like going and relaxing, but with this so called social entanglements we are bound to keep our interests to ourselves like a unfulfilled dream.