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I know life is a good teacher !

Oh my ! After long time, I am writing something here… its been a great and fruitful time for me visiting too many places in a short span of time. This part of my life is teaching me some great lessons, how to lead a life alone, how to survive in a new place, how to get along with a team, how to manage the work and lots more. Its indeed very tough to be alone, thats what I have understood after this,( ” Happiness is always  to be SHARED” with your loved ones.)

In ones life, everyone should or will pass this stage, they have to live alone far from their loved ones, either during their college days, or during their work ( which is the hectic one, I can say ! ) or at their end of their life ( this is more dangerous ).

In our work life, we keep thinking on how to balance the company’s balance sheet, asset – liability balancing, but we forget or ignore our own family balancing, life-work balancing which is the base for every strong building ( life ), most of our time (in 24 hours)  we spend in office ( which i think is too much ) 7-8 hrs is sufficient, but this never happen, when we are back home, if the family balancing is not good, how can we have a peaceful sleep ?

Oh god, is this a curse on humans ? why are we running behind this materialistic life ? why is now, money is more important than anything else ? Is money everything ? then where is love ? we often forget this ” we are here in this earth just for a while”  so why don’t we do which we like, why cant we stay with our loved ones, why we are always judged for our acts?

I would say only one thing, life is very short each minute counts, so being with your loved ones is more important !


Life at its best

Humans have a great feeling of their life, when they are in their death bed – It seems !! Most of the people who met with an accident and luckily survives, they seem to be in a state of enlightenment. Most of the stories are on this topic. People want their rest of their lives to be in harmony with their loved ones or everything. Same way for me, it wasn’t any big life threatening accident, but it definitely helped and helping me to attain some kind of enlightenment.

Now I am seeing this life, my body as whole new thing, this is such a great and marvelous creation, I don’t know who has created but whoever it is, its something astonishing.  So now I understood the power of water, its truly an “elixir of life” . This life has thought me a great lesson from this. I was about to leave my body and work for my mind and now I can sense this cant happen. we need the coordination, unless and until you do that, you can’t have the balanced physical and mental stamina to perform those actions. My work took lot of physical time, so the concentration on my physical body was not much, so this disturbance created lots of problem to my physical body which in return caused serious trouble to my mental state.

Major time we spend our life in our workplace, if we forget about the coordination then there is no point in spending lot of time there.  We keep running around finding and searching our career. We want our careers to be at its best, so for the rest of the life we can have enough cash for spending time with our families and friends, but during this process we hardly see this reality-, if we are not in proper physical health, then how will we have good time with our families and friends during the later stages of the life ? In one of the movie the hero tells the youth to concentrate on your body than spending time on alcohol, drugs etc, that’s actually a very good point to the society through this medium, but the response will be at minimum.  But the negative meaning will be passed from one person to another like a wild fire.

So coordination of mind and body should happen in a proper way and that too from younger age ( its always difficult to change the habit at 60, if we ignore it at 6 ) . Recently I read a book, which to my surprise, it had the same topic and the author gave an answer to this question, the best way to keep the mind and the body in coordination, can only happen through the Yoga and meditation.

My point here is, please look at your body as a gift of nature and don’t insult the nature by killing your own body in installments. Nehru told, if you don’t take care of your own body then your doing a great sin. Great example is Mr Basu, at 80’s his body guards used to  run to follow him, he was that quick in walking. In this race of economy we fail to understand the importance of our body, only with money and power we can’t survive we need our physical body to be at its best so that our life can have a better meaning. So this 2010 can we see some changes in our physical activities ? Life is always at its best 🙂

Another way to look at the world !

You can ask me, why do your post is always on ” Life ” why not something else ? But, I am really fascinated with my life. It comes with new challenges and opportunities, so I always see my life as ” Mysterious One ” . I have tried and trying lots of new stuffs everyday, thinking something would come out of it. I can give some examples like, I never used to read books as such, every rule has an exemption so I used to “Study” rather “Read” my school text books. Now a Days, I see my hands holding new book each day, I am loving to read, even if its just a newspaper, I see it in a different paradigm now. Same way, I used to like photography but now especially today, I am loving it more. May be I will be using this hobby in more serious way. Somethings which I have never ever thought in my life is all coming to me now. I am loved by an angel, I am taken care by them, I am respected for what I am.

Do your commitments with dedication and love, the consequences of it will be like a scarecrow for fools and beacons for wise people. I have no regrets in my life now, I see it with great confidence and purity. I was constantly bogged down looking at my academics, but now I am not worried of it anymore. I know what I have learned in my practical life, I never saw them in school/college text books. I am great full for my angel who is constantly pushing me forward to do lots of new things, which I never used to think of.

I am sure, you will find the angel of your life in the right moment, never get bogged down due to the passing problems, face them with courage . After life is a Journey with a good experiences. Do pass on your take on life, I would love to  experience them. 🙂

Life – is it a mysterious one ?

I call life as a mysterious one, each time I step into something, life teaches me a lesson out of it. Some people like the way it teaches, but some say its really a bad teacher. I fall into the first group of people who like the lessons. Its hard to digest, but at the end there is always something really nice to look upon.  People do say, when one door closes another one should open,  but at the first place why is it closing? this mysterious question is always unanswered.  So is this the law of nature? negatives and positives ? Matter and Anti matter ? Protons and anti protons

Present state of my life is revolving in same direction, sometimes it like my door has opened, after few months I feel that door has a very short passage way where I need to re look on the next door. I am finding these doors a lot of time in my journey of life. So are there many positives and negatives revolving around me ? or simply my life is taking hair-pin bends a lot of time ? The door which I am looking at right now, I suppose it has a good passage way where I don’t have to look for any more doors – hoping..

But what may happen, I am enjoying this life, there are lots of things that are yet to be seen by me, I am ready to face them… wow, it feels great to write after a long gap..Hope I don’t stop from now on..

Life has its own meaning !

This is an extraordinary feeling after enjoying your holidays and going back to work with full josh and also with more rejuvenated mind. I was craving for such a break for long time, I was surrounded with lots of distractions and with some  career problems. My career was going haywire, and I dint know what I was doing. I am person with positive attitude, may be this helped me. I always think, that if some door is closed another would open. This has proved right to me. I was forced to take up a role which I dint like, but was sticking to it for almost 2 years, during that time I could able to work on my strengths and weaknesses, thanks to my close friend and mentor. That’s the only good thing happened to me in that organization. Though your in bad position/situation there are some good/positive things happening around you, try to look at them and grab them.

In an organization senior management dint bother about the career of junior executives who believed that their future is depended on that company.  So company producing loses dint bothered them, few sensed the alarm and quit. Since they were already in the senior management position and with lots of experience they could easily get another job or even they could start a company. We the junior team, were struggling. Dint knew what to do, my suggestions to develop that company was waste of time, it was not given any recognition and I could see the danger signal in front of me. Asking me, what am I going to do ? Then I was thinking on the door which would soon open for me, since this door is about to close. I could see no bright light ahead from this door. Now I am so happy that, I got an offer which I dint expect at all. That too, in one of  my favorite subject, Marketing. The timing was perfect, I got this offer in the right time. So again, I am satisfied that, the theory what I am following is absolutely perfect. We just need to think Positively, and everything would happen for a reason.

I am feeling rejuvenated after the Yercaud trip. I would definitely suggest a holiday at least once in  4 months. It could be even a short week end trip, I am sure that would help you to re energies your whole body along with your mind.  I feel this city life is so boring, not only because it spoils ones health, but also we don;t get to enjoy the nature. We are so obsessed with work, that we don;t give ourselves the time, where we can enjoy the scenic beauty of mother earth. Just for an example, the place I stay has lots of important and nice spots which could be enjoyed, but I never realized it. Dint bother to take a tour. But this holiday I promised myself to go to all the places, which I dint visit and now I am really happy that as promised I have covered almost all the places and I feel really rejuvenated.

I am loving it !