In my earlier post, I had some thoughts on Freedom. Do we need to be independent ? then for how long ? now this question hovers around my head. We feel and like to be independent, so that we can take our life of our own but we are always given more than we expect from our parents, even if we need to leave our place and move on with our career, its always parents take the lead and arrange all the stuffs for us, so does this means we don’t know how to do it or is it we yet to learn those stuffs?  Even on marriage, its parents decision on whom to marry. So, later down the line, they would still have some say on our life on how to respond on certain situations, and we would love to share our thoughts on new stuffs with them, say if we need to buy a house of our own we would ask their opinion. So what is Independence then ?

Now the major question which is haunting me is, if parents feel they want to be independent of their own, since we have accepted lot of their decisions in our life, they would always like to be of their own.  Now lets say their son and daughter move to a new place in search of career, now in return if son or daughter feels to have them with them, does that mean they aren’t allowing them to be independent ? The question doesn’t stop here, there is an unusual problem in our country, parents always think even if they need to be with their daughter or son, they would prefer to be with their son than daughter. why is that happens ? Why they feel when daughter gets married she now needs to be with their son in laws family, and she should constantly think about that family. Even when their daughter feels like to have them at her place, she is constantly blamed by her in laws, so where is the freedom then for her ?

My question doesn’t stop here. If parents wants to be independent and their children are no more with them, they are searching their career or got married, now parents feel they no longer need their house so they sell them and with the remaining cash they feel like settling down where ever they feel comfortable, even if its an old age home. Now the taboo in our culture is if parents are in the old age home then their children are cursed. What can a child do here ? If parents chooses to spend their days along with their same aged people with left over cash they have, and now for the society if we force them to stay with us, aren’t we coming in their way, their freedom ?

So when is the time we be independent ? is it when we become a parent ?