Humans have a great feeling of their life, when they are in their death bed – It seems !! Most of the people who met with an accident and luckily survives, they seem to be in a state of enlightenment. Most of the stories are on this topic. People want their rest of their lives to be in harmony with their loved ones or everything. Same way for me, it wasn’t any big life threatening accident, but it definitely helped and helping me to attain some kind of enlightenment.

Now I am seeing this life, my body as whole new thing, this is such a great and marvelous creation, I don’t know who has created but whoever it is, its something astonishing.  So now I understood the power of water, its truly an “elixir of life” . This life has thought me a great lesson from this. I was about to leave my body and work for my mind and now I can sense this cant happen. we need the coordination, unless and until you do that, you can’t have the balanced physical and mental stamina to perform those actions. My work took lot of physical time, so the concentration on my physical body was not much, so this disturbance created lots of problem to my physical body which in return caused serious trouble to my mental state.

Major time we spend our life in our workplace, if we forget about the coordination then there is no point in spending lot of time there.  We keep running around finding and searching our career. We want our careers to be at its best, so for the rest of the life we can have enough cash for spending time with our families and friends, but during this process we hardly see this reality-, if we are not in proper physical health, then how will we have good time with our families and friends during the later stages of the life ? In one of the movie the hero tells the youth to concentrate on your body than spending time on alcohol, drugs etc, that’s actually a very good point to the society through this medium, but the response will be at minimum.  But the negative meaning will be passed from one person to another like a wild fire.

So coordination of mind and body should happen in a proper way and that too from younger age ( its always difficult to change the habit at 60, if we ignore it at 6 ) . Recently I read a book, which to my surprise, it had the same topic and the author gave an answer to this question, the best way to keep the mind and the body in coordination, can only happen through the Yoga and meditation.

My point here is, please look at your body as a gift of nature and don’t insult the nature by killing your own body in installments. Nehru told, if you don’t take care of your own body then your doing a great sin. Great example is Mr Basu, at 80’s his body guards used to  run to follow him, he was that quick in walking. In this race of economy we fail to understand the importance of our body, only with money and power we can’t survive we need our physical body to be at its best so that our life can have a better meaning. So this 2010 can we see some changes in our physical activities ? Life is always at its best 🙂