I was totally annoyed in my earlier post on “people spitting” when they were driving or walking in the public places, I was annoyed because was there were lot of such people. Yesterday was little different for me, I was thinking about how to stop this non-sense, I was also aware that, there are lots of people facing similar problems in thier respective areas. So this made me to think, what did those guys do to thier area to stop such an idotic thing.

It stuck to me that, people usually spit on the compund walls or/and on the road. Spitting in the road may be reduced by installing lot of spitoons in different areas ( still I cant agree to it completely), but how to stop these guys from spitting on the walls? If you need to see any examples, please go to sowcarpet, in Chennai to witness it directly, how the colour of the walls in the stairway can be changed to red colour, using a new technique called “spitting”. But there are lot of measures coming up to stop this insane activity. Let me tell in a way of real incident. Read – on.

People are really creative in stopping such a menace, we are aware that people in India are soft when it comes to religion, God, superstition etc; so a shop owner used this as his weapon to stop people spitting, next to his shop. Its a road side shop, where he sells sandwiches and bread omlettes, next to his shop there is small compound wall, where people usually spit, so there was a drop in the sales. People dint like to have sandwiches there. So he got a brilliant idea, what he did is, he redesigned the compound wall. You can look at the pic below


Now you got the idea ? 😀 simple, now look at the compound wall, its clean, though there are some waste papers trown next to it. But cleaning the waste papers is much easier than removing the stain of gutkha. Now I am sure, there wont be any problem for the shop owner, his idea got clicked. People started to use this

Do you dare to spit here ? 😉 If you guys can help in different way, please pass on your suggestions.

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