Feeling really pity when I look at my younger brother carrying those huge burden in his back, yeah I am talking about his school-Bag. I asked him, what does he carry in his huge bag, he innocently told, its all those books which is needed for today’s classes.  From his calculation I came to know that, he is carrying on an average of 3 to 4 books for 1 class and in a day he has 8 classes, so in minimum its around 20 books and he is studying in his 3rd.

Not every child in this place has the convenience to come to school in private vehicles or school vans ( they do charge for pick up & Drop ) they are now forced to carry such a heavy load on their back. My brother when he walks back from his school to home, when I see him, it looks like he is looking at his shoes and walking, the weight is so much he is forced to transfer certain weight by bending downwards. When he reached home, the first thing he does is to throw that heavy bag and only then he can remove his shoes.

There are lot of changes in the subjects and the syllabus now, but the weight carried by the students remains the same or more. There are so many reforms coming up, why not do something to change this? My suggestion is to have a locker facility in each class and school should provide the notebooks and the text books to the students when they are at the school and students should have their notebooks and text books at home, so by this when student is back home, he/she can use their textbooks and note books for revision and study purpose and when they are at school they can use schools property. Each student should be assigned to one locker and their notebooks and textbooks should be kept there. Students can have note books for each class, say 8 notebooks in the bag ( better than 24 to 30 ) to take notes in the class and bring it back home for revision.

This is just an idea, there can be more better ideas out there. We need to use them in order to have a strong backbone to our society 😀 Children are our backbones aren’t they ?