Its getting tougher and tougher to drive now a days. Its becoming a daily routine for me to start from office around 1800 Hrs and get stuck in the traffic.  Drivers are losing patience nowadays, they dont seem to be obeying the traffic rules. Sometimes, its crazy to see the Yellow line violations, which is of no use et all. Traffic cops are imposing fine on those who violate the yellow line, but of no use. A recent report on yellow line violation:

“BANGALORE CITY recorded a 314 per cent increase in yellow lane violation in the year 2008, as compared to 2007. The number of yellow line violation cases registered had increased from 17,588 in 2007 to 55,378 in 2008”

Though this figure is of 2008, I am sure it must have increased by now. This is not happening only in Bangalore, even in Chennai and other metros, there is a significant increase in the violations. I cant imagine Mumbai (busiest roads ever)

People don’t bother about any rules, they have their own rules. ” dont bother about others, I need to reach soon, no matter what”. This makes them to drive without any care for fellow humans. Worst of all this, “auto drivers”- are the best examples for any kind of violations in the city. Driver will confuse you in many ways, the best of all is ” put his right hand outside and switch on his left indicator and go straight”.

There are other kind of nuisance. Those guys who sit in the window seat of the bus and keep spitting all over the road. “yuck” thanks to gutka or pan parag. Now I need to keep an eye on the road as well as to these idiots. This ritual is now practised by almost everybody, who ever I see they keep spitting, is this a disease or it has become an habit? Why do they need to spit? I asked this question to one of my friend, he was thinking for a while and said these guys think, if they spit it brings the macho effect in them “Yawn”. crazy! Once it happened to me personely too, we had painted our compund wall, and the same day evening we had to witness the some panparag stain on the wall.

I heard during Ramadan, muslims keep spitting in public places if they are outside. They arent allowed to swallow during thier fast.  is that true?

Well coming to this matter again, I again heard Chennai govt had issued a statement saying people spitting in the public places should be fined. But they removed it, stating they cant monitor?

“Last year the Corporation proposed a fine of Rs.50 for spitting in public places but it was not imposed. Corporation Commissioner Rajesh Lakhoni said there were practical difficulties in enforcing it. The civic body may consider placing spittoons in strategic locations, he added.”

No matter what kind of law being enforced, unless there is a proper education about the illness of spitting there wont be any change in the society. Placing spittoons? will this be possible? how much spittoons will they place? the ratio of the people spitting and the spitoons will have a huge difference.

What you guys think? how do we solve this problem? would love to hear your comments.